My partner had trouble with moving into her new home. The previous occupant was a well known colleague of hers. Since this guy and his family were leaving the UK for the USA, the house was available.

The location was good and my partner had lived in the same apartment complex  for a short while in the past. So she decided to take this new place. The owner was not in town, but he was willing to take her in and was in regular correspondence.

She arranged for a viewing, holding her expectations of her past experience in that beautiful place, but was disappointed with the poor quality of maintenance by her colleague.

The house looked unkempt for a small family of husband, wife and child. In fact, a badly maintained house is unhealthy for a 2 year old baby. The beauty of the place was simply lost. The large glass door leading to a Georgian balcony with the lovely street view was blocked with an ugly looking blue coloured chart or some kind of sandpaper.

Why would you do that ? The pelmet holding the Venetian blinds had apparently broken and fallen off. Rather than fixing it, the guy had simply covered the glass with this blue paper, top to bottom, blocking all the sunlight and collapsing the appearance of the living room. Obviously to save money, or to get rid of the pain of redoing the pelmet railing.

My partner informed the owner about the appearance, and he indicated that he will ensure the guy fixes things before leaving.

My partner had been constantly having trouble reaching out to her colleague, the current tenant, with regard to utility arrangements, car parking, post box keys etc. There was no clue of what is available and what is not, since this guy never picks his phone and never seems to reply or call back on time. He keeps maintaining the “I am busy” every time she tries to contact him.

Are family people always busy ? If so, why ?

Since she had decided to take the place and signed the agreement, she had to put up with his convenience. Now, tomorrow, this guy and his family are leaving the country. The last two days she has tried reaching out to him, left voice messages and whatsapp messages to know about his plan for key handover.

Today until 8pm, she hasn’t got a reply back from him. Seems like he has no plan.

Tomorrow, she is unsure what time she must go and collect her keys, as this guy and his family leaves at 12:00 pm for their flight. Isn’t that heavily irresponsible behaviour, leaving someone keep guessing ?

How impossible is it to acknowledge a phone call, given the case that house moving is an important transaction ?

My partner felt that being an agent-free transaction, this had its advantages. But you wouldn’t face such reckless behaviour had there been an agent.

And me being away, I felt so helpless. I could only guide her to drop him a final message, giving him an ultimatum that she needs all keys handed over by 10:00 am the next day.

The owner not being around makes it even uneasy for certain reasons. But complaining to the owner, is not going to help.

I have to call this typical, because it reflects patterns of irresponsibility in people’s behaviours. It’s common to find personalities like these. They are perhaps right in their own accord, and don’t care about who suffers what, but they remain a chronic difficulty for others who are in need to engage with them !!