“I’m trying to learn, listen to all the audio and video and grab a lot of information..you know there’s so much that you have to remember..” 

I was seated at the open space near the coffee vending machine the other day at work, when i heard a lady tell this to her colleague.

This was her response to a question “How are you ?”

I would have expected her to say “I’m doing well”. But rather her response was a lot around the whole volume of her learning efforts.

She went on..

“You take in a lot of pressure when you do what you’re doing. There’s a lot you’re learning, and you wanna do well..I wanna make sure they made the right choice..”

[They made the right choice meant my organisation did the right thing in hiring her.]

I’m observing her. I heard her gasping as she was talking, frantic for the right words. There’s fear in her..but eventually the two women get into a more easier and lighter conversation. It was still about work.

I got to know during their conversation, that it has been just weeks since she joined.

This woman clearly looks 45ish. Maybe a bit younger than that. But she is in a new job. Perhaps a communications analyst or a marketing/sales person. Unsure.

I see her less confident. Maybe she will get used to corporate pressure. Maybe she is already aware.

Because, this was her chance to make her colleague informed that she is working, and learning, and putting all that effort needed.

That reminds me, i rarely have come across lighter conversations at work. It’s always about the numbers, charts, the analytics, productivity, utilisation and what not.

I believe in saying, the more lighter words we speak, the less heavier and pressurised our day becomes. The easier our conversations become. I always notice people too excited, too many instructions, too much competitiveness in issuing instructions.

There’s too much information overload ! Why ?

People having general conversations are considered to be either gossiping or flirting with each other. Like “Hey what was your Sunday like” or “My wife does this..”.  These are usually reserved for the break area alone.

Well, I admit that sometimes I do act in front of my colleagues that i’m highly inspired with the work and it’s greatly challenging and all that. I have to talk about getting things done. To show off, that i’m working.

But no, it’s not. Everyday is not a motivation. Every day is not inspiring. I’m under this constant pressure to perform, knowing that people are watching me, and i have to look intelligent, and unique and possessing great qualities.

Even the simplest of organisations have created pressurised workplaces.

But dude, i thought human beings were made to eat, sleep, and reproduce. Work contributes to eat.

That’s all.